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Reasons To Resurface

Do i need to replaster my swimming pool?

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Does your surface have Flakes or areas that are Peeling up. This is usually caused by a Corrosive or Aggressive Water that has a low PH or Calcium level for a sustained period of time. We see this primarily when a tab floater gets caught on a step or bench.  

Spalling Pool Plaster
Rough Pool Plaster

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Rough Plaster

If you have a Plaster Finish or Polished aggregate, it was smooth when you got it right? But now it feels like sandpaper or has Calcium deposits, and its tearing up everyone's feet. This can sometimes be fixed with an acid wash or polishing, but unfortunately it is not known until after the job, how well it will work.

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The Main Cause of Staining in pools is Copper that fell out of solution, whether its from and aggressive water that etched copper from your heat exchanger or from too much use of a copper algaecide, it will leave behind a blueish stain. These stains can sometimes be removed by an acid wash, but depending on how deep they are you may need to resurface.

Stained Pool Plaster
Rebar Stained Pool Plaster

Rust Stains

Rust stains may start out small, but over time they will continue to grow larger. Now everyone starts to take notice and comments on the large rust spots. These are sure signs of rebar or tie wire oxidizing through the shell, and may be a sign of a bigger problem that is best addressed as soon as possible by resurfacing the pool.

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