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the 10 steps to your Dream Backyard

Mission Viejo Pool Design

3D Design

1. Design

The first step to building a pool is getting a design. With a design and plans you can see exactly what your backyard will look like. Also, the plans let us know exactly how much material and labor is needed to bring your vision to life!

Pool Excavation


4. Breaking Ground

Weather permitting, we’ll break ground ASAP after securing permits and begin the actual building of your dream Pool.

pool shotcrete


6. Shotcrete

One of the many great things about Shotcrete is how easy it is to apply. Our builders use a pneumatic machine that makes applying the material quick yet effective.

pentair Magic Bowls

Water Features

9. Water Features

Next we will begin installing any water features you may have chosen.

Swimming pool Construction


2. Quote

Once you have a design you love, we can put together a final quote for your project. 

pool rebar


4. Rebar

After the footprint of your Pool has been dug, we’ll install a rebar grid and boxed beam.

pool coping and tile

Coping & Tile

6. Coping & Tile

Our Masons will then finish the rim of your Pool, coping and tiling it with the aesthetically-pleasing design you chose.

pool pebbletec


10. Plaster 

Finally we will apply the finish to the interior of your pool/spa. this process takes about 6 hours and a follow up acid wash the next day before filling.

Swimming pool permits


3. Secure Neccesary Permits

Before we break ground on your Pool, our experts will take care of securing all the permits required by your California community.

pool plumbing


5. Plumbing & Equipment

This is when we’ll construct the entire plumbing system responsible for circulating water to and from your Pool.

pool decking


8. Decking

At this point, our Masons install any pavement, tiles, concrete, stamped concrete, or flagstones you wanted for the outside of your Pool.

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