Waterline Tile

Waterline pool/spa tile is both aesthetically pleasing and necessary as a stronger area to take the abuse from the sun, bather oils, pollen, calcium deposits, etc.

Cepac Tile

Raised Bond Beam


This raised section of tile is usually home to a planter wall or water features, and definitely a focal point of the pool! 

We can really showcase these sections with some 1"x1" Tiles, some accent tiles, or Large format tiles

Trim Tile


Trim Tile is a great way to accent the finish material and make steps and benches stand out


Mosaic Tile


Add a little bit of the ocean to your backyard with some mosaic turtles, dolphins, mermaids, etc.

Service Name

Full Tile

Tile, one of the most durable pool finishes, offers an array of design possibilities. While tiles are often applied to just the pool’s waterline, floor, or steps to provide a colorful accent, they can also finish the total interior of a pool. Tile’s glossy appearance makes the most of water’s reflective properties, not to mention the artistic look and upscale glamour they lend to pool designs.

Though tile is the most expensive pool finish it’s also the the most Luxurious and longest lasting pool surface. With proper application and minimal maintenance, tiles should never need to be replaced.